Saturday, 25 June 2016

Greek Adventures || Travel

*This isn't a book related post*

It's always been one of my biggest desires to travel, I'm so in awe of the world around me and as a Geographer, how could I not want to travel? This summer, I finally began my wish to start seeing some of the beautiful world around me and I went to the lovely island of Rhodes in Greece.

  • Rhodes is located close to Turkey 
  • The Greek God Poseidon was said to have been raised on the island to save him from being eaten by his titan father 

Here is some of the stuff I got to do on this lovely island!

1) Off road driving and safari: 

This part of the trip was so fun! We got to drive through olive fields, drive up mountains to see some amazing views *see beside* and I got to spend an amazing day with my friends exploring the hidden sections of this island. The highlight was going to a fountain of youth that was outside one of the oldest chapels on the island that was considered to be magic due to the nearby olive trees that were over 1000 years old! And of course, it ended with a water fight! The shapes on the horizon is Turkey! That's cool right? 

2) Go on a ferris wheel at sunset: 

I know this sounds like a simple one, but I've never been on a ferris wheel before and getting to see the sunset from above was pretty awesome! That's something off my never ending bucketlist! 

3) Go to one of the most visited and most pictured places in Greece, Lindos: 

Lindos is one of those picturesque villages in Greece, it has old white buildings, beautiful bays, an acropolis, old chapels, weddings, merchants, everything you could want from a trip to Greece. I wanted to spend my whole day in this beautiful place, unfortunately for me, we only got 3 hours! But it was a beautiful 3 hours!

4) Go to an acropolis: 

An acropolis is essentially a citadel of ancient Greece, and the one I got to go to was the Rhodes Town Acropolis. This place was awesome! There was the Temple of Apollo, the God of music and archery, an old sports stadium, and we were told that they were currently looking for an old amphitheatre that was lost! There was loads to look at, and with the sea view, I could've again spent ages looking around every little thing, there were even goats wandering around the grounds. 

I got to do some other awesome stuff, I saw the Old Rhodes Town where the Knights of Rhodes used to live, I went to some pretty awesome parties, saw where two types of water met and didn't mix and all that cool stuff! 

But yeah! 

QOTD: Where would you like to visit? 

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