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Series Review: How the Wolf Lost Her Heart

I received free digital copies of the two books in this series from the author in exchange for an honest review, with thanks to Sarah Brownlee!

This series is set in 2217 in a dystopian London. There are people called Morphers living amongst the ordinary humans, people fear them, they are looked upon with prejudice, so they keep their "gift" hidden. But there is politics in the Morpher world, two major families are battling with one another. Can the morphers stay hidden?

Book One: How the Wolf Lost Her Heart

The first book is when we are introduced to our two main characters; Skye Archer, who has the ability to turn into a wolf. She is standoffish, independent and a really brilliant female lead. She seemed like a really relatable and normal teen, apart from the fact she turns into a wolf of course. 

And Raphael Renzo, son of one of the main men in the families mentioned above, he has the ability to turn into a Tiger. He was immediately my favourite of the two, he was so quick witted and it was obvious that he liked Skye from the offset. 

This book had a bit of a slow build up, as it was very much about setting up the world around it and it was introducing us to the environment in which these characters are too develop. But when something happened, something happened. 

The author has a definite skill of holding your attention throughout the build up and the romance building sections. I liked how there was a whole thing between Skye wanting to fight the gang violence and not falling in love with Raphael. 

Probably the weirdest thing about this book though was the whole thing about a wold and a tiger...I don't know...Weird...

Book Two: How the Tiger Faced His Challenge

There was no denying that this book was Raphael's, and although Skye was in it a lot, it was mainly about my main man developing and growing in himself. The two mains were so developed in this book and I loved every moment, the action in this book was so gripping. Plenty of it, and it's so fast paced and well explained!

My heart broke in this book in the scene between Raphael and his dad. 

Sarah Brownlee, I salute you because this is one of the best dystopian books that I've read in awhile! 

My final rating for this series is: 5 stars!

This duology is one that I would definitely recommend to you all. 
If you're into dystopian books with a unique plot, great characters, then this is definitely for you!

QOTD; if you had a spirit animal, what would yours be? Mine would probably be a wolf too!


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