Saturday, 12 March 2016

Beauty || My top 5 everyday eyeshadow palettes



Connie, this is a book blog, I hear you say. 

Well, I'm using my and. This may be the beginning of this blog being a book and beauty blog, but mainly books, because books are beauties too. 

Anyway, I thought I'd start with my guilty obsession...Eyeshadow palettes. I love them. I think there's nothing better than a beautiful eyeshadow palette (unless it's a new book) and I thought I'd begin with the ones that I'd use most often! 

*These are in no particular order and excuse my awful photos*

1) The 35N Morphe Palette

I love matte shades and this one is just filled with gorgeous matte, highly pigmented eyeshadows that are good for everyday use and even for special occasions! Any occassions! Wear what you want! I don't know. I just know that I saw this and I wanted this. 

How much?: £15.95 ($22.57 usd)

Where from?: Beauty Bay (Here; x)

2) Undressed by MUA Cosmetics 

I'm a massive fan of MUA, how could you not be? The products are affordable, good quality and this palette is my immediate go to. The shimmers stay put for hours and for £4, you cannot go wrong! I actually got this in a glossybox a few months back and it came at a perfect time, as my Hall of Fame MUA palette hit pan, this one came in with all horns blazing and became my new favourite. 

How much?: £4 ($5.66 usd)

Where from?: MUA Cosmetics (Here; x)

3) In the Nude by W7 Cosmetics

The reason that I was interested in this palette was because this brand is known for being really good for dupes of more luxury brands, and although In the Buff by W7 is known as being the Naked 2 dupe, this one appealed to me a bit more. It's more Naked 3. 

How much?: £4.99 ($7.06 usd)

Where from?: W7/Amazon (Here; x)

4) Mermaids Forever by Makeup Revolution

This is really my main colourful palette, excuse how dirty it is, shows how much it's loved, but this palette is full of shimmering, pigmented colours that are all named after mermaid related things. How could you not love this! 32 shades for £8!! Are you kidding me!! Sign me right up!

How much?: £8 (£11.32 usd)

Where from?: Makeup Revolution (Here; x)

5) Flawless Matte by Makeup Revolution

Last but certainly not least, the Flawless Matte palette by Makeup Revolution. 

I think I died of happiness when I first saw this palette. God definitely sent a blessing when he guided me to this. 32 matte shades that don't break the bank. Amen. 

How much?: £8 ($11.32 usd)

Where from?: Makeup Revolution (Here; x)

So this was just me rambling a bit about my favourite eyeshadow palettes!

QOTD: What eyeshadow palettes do you love? 

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