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Series Review: The Bonners Fairy Series

I received digital copies of this series in exchange for honest reviews, with thanks to the author, Elizabeth Patterson. 

The Bonner Fairy series follows twins, Haley and Henry, as they move to the town of Bonners Ferry and get more than they bargained for when they discover that the town has a rich history of magic. Through five adventures, we see the twins develop and grow in different ways, through magic, through love and through experience. 

Book One; Bonners Fairy 

 This book tells us about the history of the town that our two main characters are moving too, and how this town came to be, the tragedy that brought about the story behind those cries coming from the woods...When the town first founded, the founder's wife and children died, and he disappeared looking for them. Many think that the ghost of the founder, Zeb, is looking revenge for what happened to him and his family. 

Now, Haley and Henry have moved into Zeb's old house, and they have an itch for adventure. They soon discover that the wails are closer than they think, but so is the world of fairy's and this story is a lot more complex than they originally thought as they travel to the fairy world to reunite Zeb and his family, even though they got separated two centuries ago. 

I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of fae books is pretty limited. I haven't really got a lot of knowledge when it comes to them, but I do enjoy them a lot. I thought that the story of this book was so interesting, it was unique and the writing style was pretty much straight to the point. It was a good introductory book to this five part series. 

My overall rating of book one is four stars. 

Book Two; A New Kind of Battle

This book gets started a while after book one. Henry and Haley have been away from Roan for quite a while, but when Sersha gets hurt, they have to return to help Prince Valian who was also pretty hurt. Haley, who is completely in love with the prince, jumps at this opportunity but his nurse seems to be in the way quite a bit so she's all "He doesn't love me" Then he calls her bluff by proposing and even though it should be all happy it's not because the fae world is chaotic and they must all band together to face the issues being faced in the community. 

Sersha for me, was the shining star in this book, she showed so much character development and she really blossomed into a likable character. My main issue with this book was the proposal. I'm all for romance. Give me a cheesy romantic contemporary and I'm the happiest person in the world. However, I don't like when it's a character's main focus. And it became Haley's main focus which made her grate a little. 

My overall rating of book two is four stars. 

Book Three; Mischief and Mayhem

As much as I liked the first two book, this one is when we started to get answers, a lot of situations were left unanswered in the last two books and we finally get the sense of things coming together with this one. These answers helped me feel a lot more connected to the world of this book and I really enjoyed the characters a lot more in this one. 

With evil on the rampage, the twins again must help defend Roan. But I think that Henry may be my favourite twin, just because he was the one that we get to see the least. He wasn't really focused on in Book Two because of Haley and Valian, and I'm glad we got to know him more in this book. 

There was a lot more action in this book which I enjoyed a lot, it was so fast paced and it really helped to hold my attention. 

My overall rating of book three is four stars. 

Book Four; Sailing Toward Destiny

This one takes place partly on a ship, and I love ships, I love books based on boats, I love books at sea. I just love boats. So this one really captivated me as a sailor at heart. We follow the twins and the fairy crew as they head towards Medusa's Head in an attempt to find out what's happening in the world around them, and also finding out more about themselves. The twins are definitely older souls than their physical age of 17. 

But the whole age thing with Haley being engaged still bothers me slightly, I just struggle with the fact she's 17 and she's getting married to a supernatural being...I don't know, when I was 17, I was far too immature for all that. I still am if I'm honest. 

My overall rating of Book Four is four stars. 

Book Five; Secrets and Spies

I loved this book, it was definitely the best one for me. 

We see a lot of growth from Haley in this book, her and Valian get married, which I'm still not a fan of because of her age, but it led to them not being as lovey-dovey all the time, in a sickening way. It didn't take a higher priority than the storyline. 

The action in this book was ready-set-go. It was so fast paced that I was loving it immediately. The fairies and the twins were faced with an evil entity who wanted to essentially kill all the fae, and they had to deal with this as a team to protect their world. 

Another relationship posed as the only issue in this book...Henry and Sersha...I mean, come on. Introduce me to someone new. Not his sister in law. 

My overall rating of Book Five is four and a half stars. 

I would definitely recommend this series to younger teen readers, it's a really great gateway to fae books, and as someone pretty new to fae books, I really enjoyed this series!

QOTD: What fae books would you recommend? 


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