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Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare || Review

Title: Lady Midnight
Series: The Dark Artifices #1
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publication Date: 8th March 2016
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 720

In City of Heavenly Fire, we met Emma. We met Emma as her parent's were killed, but now, five years later, she is no longer a mourning child. She's now a young adult, hell bent on finding the truth. 

Did Sebastian Morgenstern kill her family?
Or is something else at play here? 

Working with her parabatai, Julian, they unravel a demonic plot that thickens the more they begin to explore it. It becomes more complex than they imagined, and they have to trust each other to face the undercurrents of evil running through Los Angeles. 

To complicate matters, they also have to tackles their personal feelings for each other, and their personal issues. When Julian's brother Mark, who was captured five years ago by the fae, is returned as a bargain, it adds more pressure to find out who is killing downworlders and how Emma's parents are linked to this whole thing. But Mark doesn't recognise his family, they've all aged and he hasn't, can he learn to trust them enough to help? 

I won't lie, I was conflicted at first. 

I loved the Shadowhunter Chronicles, I loved TMI and TID and the Bane Chronicles. So of course, I was excited for this. But it didn't grasp me immediately, and I began to fret a little bit. The other books I loved within a chapter or two, but I didn't really know how to react with this one. 

I love the Carstairs family, especially Jem, so I think I expected myself to like Emma more than she was supposed to be liked, I didn't see her as a favourite straight away, unlike the way I responded to Tessa. She seemed a bit too annoying and she didn't have the bad ass attitude that I want from my Shadowhunters. 

However, my thoughts on her quickly changed when we got to know Julian. 

Hell, I'd pine over Julian too. 

He was quickly added to my book boyfriend list and he was a pretty close second with Will Herondale. He was just so caring when it came to his family and it made me so happy to watch him grow throughout this book. Especially in regard to Mark. 

This next section will be all bold because it's very important: 


She makes them such an integral part of the Shadowhunter world that nobody even seems to flinch at them! Multi-species, same gender, different genders, you name it. Labels mean nothing in this book and it's just a really nice touch. 

QOTD: If you were a Shadow Hunter, what would be your weapon of choice?


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